Fail Safe Experiential Learning with Immersive VR


Ever wish you had a do-over? Teachers must explore new ways to work with children with special needs, master specific instructional routines, and lead difficult conversations in complex classrooms in the quest to create inclusive environments that support learning and belonging. Live avatar-based simulations provide a fail-safe environment for experimenting, learning and growing skills. See how this university trains teachers in an authentic, replicable, scalable and diverse simulated classroom.

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  1. Learn how to use live avatar-based sims to engage teachers and rising educators in a fail-safe practice environment.
  2. Gain practical advice for how to cast VR scenarios that build DEI awareness and support special ed programming in a personalized learning model.
  3. Benefit from learning how immersive technologies can be applied to student teacher training prior to actual classroom and student interaction.



Mark Toth, Communications Business Partner, Western Governors University

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