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Policies to Support the Whole Child Post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new attention to the importance of schools in supporting students’ physical & mental health and safety. States have a complicated tangle of laws and regulations that govern how schools support these issues. NASBE and Child Trends recently mapped this landscape across 200 topics. Joined by CCSSO, they will discuss the implications of existing and new school health & safety policies and strategies to move towards a more integrated framework post-pandemic.

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  1. Understand the current landscape of state laws and regulations that govern health and safety efforts in schools
  2. Learn about efforts of the leading state-level policy intermediaries (NASBE, CCSSO) to focus on health and wellbeing in COVID-19 recovery
  3. Develop strategies to inform ongoing policy debates surrounding school health and safety



Deborah Temkin, Vice President, Youth Development & Education Research, Child Trends

Meta Information:

  • Tags: school safety, mental health
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Talk
  • Track: SEL & Wellness
  • Session Focus Area K-12 Education
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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