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SXSW 2022

Why Revenge Travel Is Here To Slay

Stay-at-home orders issued in 2020 gave way to the indefinite death of travel. Canceled plans planted seeds of pent-up demand we would come to call “revenge travel” as the world reopened in 2021. With a year of “revenge travel” in our rearview, the travel industry is thriving like never before — and nowhere has this wave of wanderlust been more felt than in the RV rental space.

On RV rental website Outdoorsy, 90 percent of web traffic in 2020 came from first time RVers. In “Why Revenge Travel Is Here to Slay,” Outdoorsy’s CEO Jeff Cavins and Go RVing’s VP of Brand Marketing Karen Redfern, lay everything on the table: the challenges the outdoor travel sector is up against to maintain its top spot on the podium and the grit it will take to innovate in an industry that's evolving daily.

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  1. Demand is a double-edged sword. The pro: more business. The con: less supply. How to grow business and find harmony between supply and demand.
  2. The secret sauce to a new revenue stream. Alternatively titled, how to turn the 2.6 million new RV owners into overnight side hustle success stories.
  3. Is traditional travel cancelled? Does the #vanlife movement have enough influential power to put air and hotel travel on the back burner?


  • Jeff Cavins, Co-founder and CEO, Outdoorsy
  • Karen Redfern, Vice President, Brand Marketing & Communications, Go RVing


Jeff Cavins, Co-Founder And Ceo, Outdoorsy

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