SXSW 2022

Can Robots Make the Future of Work More Human?


The relationship between man and machine is complex. At the turn of the century, the industrial revolution, made possible by mechanization, fueled mass production of goods at the cost of existing labor workers. In the new millennia, corporate workers now face a similar dilemma with the increasing use of automation. According to a report from the World Economic Forum, by 2025 artificial intelligence will take the place of 85 million jobs. But what if we could meet at the crosshairs of efficiency and humanity? Meld the man and the machine? Discover technology that supports and advances human potential. Experts from the field of wearable robotics and the industries their technology supports detail how work is becoming easier, more ergonomic, and inclusive.

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  1. Discover how new technology supports workers' health, increases output, and blends business goals with human objectives.
  2. The future of work is changing for the better. Existing and future technology will open up new pathways for marginalized workforces.
  3. Learn how manual and skilled labor can be revolutionized with the support of exoskeletons and robotic technology.



Kayla Anderson, Marketing Strategist, Ottobock

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