SXSW 2022

How to Avoid AI Culture Shock


Few topics have dominated business mindshare as much as culture and AI. How companies handle the interaction of the two - enabling culture to take advantage of AI - will determine success in the new AI-led economy. While many are optimistic about AI, employees are nervous about its impact on their jobs. Introducing AI without the proper preparation will cause employees, consciously or not, to undercut its effectiveness. Plus, a lack of familiarity with AI will cause many employees to mistrust its output and fail to identify opportunities where AI’s application can move the needle.

In this talk, Futurist and Author Nancy Giordano partners with KUNGFU.AI’s Head of Strategy Dr. Ben Herndon to discuss the challenges cultures will face, and six key elements for preparing cultures to succeed.

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Jennifer Trou, Director of Marketing, KUNGFU.AI

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