SXSW 2022

Biomanufacturing Sustainably: Cell-Free Systems


In tech’s push to stymie climate change, we’re seeing new technologies to reinvent old processes in more sustainable ways. One such industry is biomanufacturing, which is how we create the ingredients and chemicals that are ubiquitous in our lives.

From beer and bread to the creation of synthetic insulin, fermentation has been the overriding methodology in biomanufacturing. In the past years, synthetic biology has evolved to leverage cell-free systems to reinvent biomanufacturing by dramatically reducing the amount of space, water, and petrochemicals that are facets of traditional biomanufacturing.

In this panel, leaders in the space will discuss the breakthrough of cell-free systems, the benefits and potential related to sustainability, and the rapid creation of novel products.

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  1. What cell-free systems are
  2. How cell-free systems improve upon past methodologies in biomanufacturing
  3. The ways that cell-free systems can create more sustainable processes and products



Heather Stafford, Director, Marketing, Jones-Dilworth, Inc.

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