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The Grand Challenge of Reskilling America

The enormous challenges we face related to the future of work have been heightened by the pandemic and rising inequities. This talk will focus on how the Future of Work Grand Challenge—a multi-million dollar initiative powered by New Profit, XPRIZE, MIT Solve, and JFF—aims to close this gap by reskilling 25K displaced workers into higher-wage jobs in 24 months. Experts will share insights into how tech entrepreneurs and employers can collaborate to reskill the american workforce at scale.

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  1. Understand how to center workers’s ideas and voices in reskilling programs; engage public workforce infrastructure to implement solutions.
  2. The audience will leave with a framework to embed equity into solutions design, and ways to scale ideas to workforce solutions.
  3. Understand the innovations and insights coming out of The Future of Work Grand Challenge as a blueprint for reskilling the workforce.



Angela Jackson, Managing Partner, New Profit

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