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Veggies Stay On Your Table - Healthy Just Got Easy


Time to get out of Old School for keeping, eating fresh fruit and vegetables! How veggies have historically been kept. Veggies are alive and strengthen your life. Use better bio-container to display fresh veggies on the table throughout the week, instead of throwing them away from the fridge..
Developed from the childhood experience of playing in greenhouses, then keeping that same idea of moisture to keep veggies fresh for kids.
As we understand now through scientific studies and tested methods, whole food plant based nutrition is superb for maintaining health. There is a growing awareness and demand for fresh produce, yet our kitchens haven't changed to handle this delicate, perishable food. We can understand more about fresh fruits and vegetables, and have more fun with our veggies!

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  1. When it comes to health, veggies are really, truly a big deal!
  2. Historical background of keeping produce in the home. Hiding veggies in your fridge is so... 1905!
  3. Fruits and veggies are alive, be smart with your produce. New developments in a whole food plant based era.



Duncan Burns, Founder/ Inventor, VeggiDome, SPC

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