SXSW 2022

Higher Purpose: Create A Circular Cannabis Economy


As new industries, cannabis and hemp have the potential to create a new paradigm of what a sustainable business can look like. Unfortunately, current regulations in many states have complicated that goal by making it illegal, or at least very difficult, to recycle cannabis waste. This is specifically the case when it comes to the vape pens, which have dominated sales in legal cannabis markets across the world. In order to create a circular cannabis economy, changes will need to be made in how products are created, how they are marketed to consumers, how they are disposed of, and the rules governing that disposal. Thankfully, innovative cannabis operators and regulators have found solutions, but they need to be adopted by a wider audience in more states and countries.

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  1. What is the magnitude of the cannabis waste epidemic and the challenges it poses to traditional waste processors around the country?
  2. What are the current technologies and strategies cannabis operators can implement to be more sustainable in their day to day operations?
  3. What is needed to achieve the regulatory and economic changes required to realize a circular economy for the cannabis and hemp industries?



Mitchell Colbert, CEO, Founder, and Head Lobbyist, Full Spectrum Strategy

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