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Hip and Fun and Carbon Footprint?!


Carbon footprint literacy can change the world. Transparency and accountability are key outcomes, but first, we need a carbon literate society. What is my personal annual carbon footprint? What's the footprint of a banana, apple, serving of chicken, a 1 mile drive, a flight, watching Netflix for 2 hours? Carbon literacy starts by individuals knowing the answers to these questions. Second part is advocating for carbon labels. Companies like Oatly and Allbirds are already carbon labelling (think nutrition labels for carbon footprint). Carbon labelling increases transparency and accountability and when all brands carbon label, consumers can also make #clevercarbondecisions. This session makes carbon footprint enablement easy and will energize people to spread the word!

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  1. Everyone has a carbon footprint. Most people don't actually know that!
  2. Carbon footprint is just a number like calories. An apple is 35g of CO2, coffee is 50g, dairy latte is 350g, plant-based latte is 105g.
  3. Advocate for brands to carbon label to increase transparency and accountability, just like nutrition labels. Oatly and Allbirds are great examples!



Michelle Li, Founder, Clever Carbon

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