SXSW 2022

Taking Down Takedowns: Reimagining the Creator Economy


While the creator economy is thriving, creators are still at risk of something detrimental to their online presence — takedowns due to content infringing copyright. What’s worse, no one in the creator economy — platforms, rightsholders, creators, or consumers — benefit from the takedowns. Creators can’t upload without fear of content being removed, and consumers miss content they know and love. Meanwhile, platforms are liable for potentially hosting content violating copyright, and rightsholders don’t have tools in place to track copyrighted content at-scale. Kirstine Stewart, CRO at Pex, is joined by Jim Louderback, GM and SVP of VidCon, to discuss the consequences of the takedown regime and how technology for licensing and attributing can mitigate the issue for the creator ecosystem.

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  1. How has the notice and takedown regime stifled creators, restricted valuable content from platforms, and reduced exposure to rightsholders?
  2. What benefits will technology solutions serve for the entire content ecosystem — including creators, platforms, rightsholders, and consumers?
  3. Why does enabling proper license and attribution empower the creator economy?


  • Kirstine Stewart, Chief Revenue Officer, Pex
  • Jim Louderback, General Manager and Senior Vice President, VidCon


Riagan McMahon, Pr & Comms Mgr, Pex

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