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SXSW 2021

Approaching a New Decade w/Resonance & Resilience

2020 is the year everything went digital, transforming the customer decision journey (CDJ) through profound, new opportunities for connection. And while every brand wants to be the most talked-about in their category, they'll need to find their place within the newly virtualized CDJ. MediaMonks Founder Wesley ter Haar discusses how and why our unitary structure—a single team or multidisciplinary talent working across the globe—was uniquely suited in 2020 to help brands show up through culturally relevant and resonant digital experiences, fueling connection and conversation at speed and scale. Now is the time for action, not ads—and a new partner model that powers them. Through his talk, learn the secrets to reaching the sweet spot for growth within a challenging digital landscape.

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  1. How can brands become better equipped to fuel both conversation and conversion?
  2. What is the role that first-party data will play in building relevance across the customer journey?
  3. How do emerging opportunities for content and production fuel efficiency?



Lizzie Serber, Director Of Marketing, MightyHive

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