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SXSW 2021

Can You Trust AI: Exploring Biases and Diversity

Gender diversity in technology – specifically AI – is lacking. Low-biased, ethical, and fair AI systems require a diverse workforce of humans, including women.” This quote from Beena Ammanath, the Executive Director for Deloitte's AI institute, highlights the urgency behind designing AI with ethics in mind. This discussion with industry experts covers how ethical, low-biased, and fair AI should be a must, rather than a maybe, when building technology for the future. How can we take a human centered focus to the design process? How does the lack of diverse perspectives used to create current AI algorithms affect the media we consume? How do we use diverse perspectives to also effectively address/prevent racism in AI?

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  1. With AI becoming more omnipresent and integrated in our day-to-day lives, we must understand how businesses can create and build trustworthy AI
  2. Gender diversity in technology is critically important in order to create low-biased, ethical and fair AI systems
  3. Greater emphasis needs to be placed on how to keep a human-centered focus on the use and regulation of AI, as it becomes the norm for business & govt.



Sonal Naik, Consultant, Deloitte

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