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SXSW 2021

Into Dust: Securing Water for Us & Our Planet

When activist Perween Rahman is murdered, her sister Aquila returns to Pakistan to investigate and finds herself caught up in forces intent on stealing the city’s water. The emotional heart of “Into Dust” is its true story of Perween and Aquila and their respective battles for justice. The bigger backdrop is the growing global water crisis and the film will be used to address issues of water insecurity and solutions, promoting education, good governance, sustainability and community empowerment as a means to tackle this global issue. In collaboration with Denmark’s Grundfos Foundation and the OPP of Karachi, this panel looks at the importance of partnership in tackling water insecurity and how it will take a multitude of voices, and skill sets working together, to have a lasting impact.

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  1. Unpack how film can support & uplift the stories of community advocates and celebrate the bravery of people who have the interest of society at heart.
  2. The world is facing a water crisis, with huge implications for food security, health, the environment and global conflicts. What we can do to help.
  3. With innovation & collaboration across disciplines like water experts, filmmakers & technologists we have a chance to address global water insecurity



Harri Grace, Senior Producer, Grain Media

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