SXSW 2021

Into Dust: What Happens When Our Taps Run Dry?


The film “Into Dust” tells the true story of Perween Rahman, an activist who stood up to Karachi’s water mafia, and was murdered. The bigger backdrop to the film is the global water crisis, and its impact on food, health, energy, governance and political stability around the world. With water being described as the ‘new petroleum’, this is a crisis that affects everyone. This panel will hear from: the Oscar-winning director of the film; Perween Rahman’s sister, herself a community advocate; the CEO of the largest global pump manufacturing company; and an economist working on issues of water, food, energy and development. Each of them looks at water from a variety of angles, and will explore how it will take a multitude of voices and skill sets working together, to tackle water insecurity.

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  1. Unpack how film can support & uplift the stories of community advocates and celebrate the bravery of people who have the interest of society at heart.
  2. The world is facing a water crisis, with huge implications for food security, health, the environment and global conflicts. What we can do to help.
  3. With innovation & collaboration across disciplines like water experts, filmmakers & technologists we have a chance to address global water insecurity



Harri Grace, Senior Producer, Grain Media

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