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SXSW 2021

The Moral Imperative of Inclusive Design

Amidst the social reckoning we’re experiencing in the United States and around the world, issues of systemic racism and inequity have finally risen to the fore of our collective consciousness. While advancements in technology have pushed our society forward at breakneck speed, it has come at a steep cost to inclusivity. We have a moral imperative to ask ourselves who has been left behind, who currently lacks a seat at our table and in the tech and design world, how do we find ways to make equitable impact through business decisions? One of the answers is inclusive design. Code and Theory CEO and Founder Dan Gardner and Sr. Creative Strategist Renee Miller will talk about:

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  1. The exclusion, bias, & discrimination inclusive design seeks to solve, & tactical ways it can be applied it to products, services, and communications
  2. How tech companies can rethink product development and market strategies to be more inclusive—from user research through beta testing & product launch
  3. How these business decisions can drive impactful culture change at any company–focusing on small 5% shifts every employee, team & department can make



Kyle Loretan, PR & Marketing Manager, Code and Theory

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