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Diversifying Pathways to Entrepreneurship

The overwhelming majority of venture capital flows to firms backed by white male founders; less than 1% of startup founders are black and only 2% of venture capital flows to women. Learn how a group of innovators are attacking this problem from multiple key chokepoints on the pathway to entrepreneurship, including building programs to equip a diverse set of future founders with skills, experiences, and connections, as well as building out diversity within the ranks of venture capitalists.

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  1. Understand the historical legacies and the cultural biases cause hip, progressive Silicon Valley's ironically anachronistic outcomes.
  2. Understand the key chokepoints on the pathway to entrepreneurship, and how each serves as a barrier for diverse entrepreneurs.
  3. Understand the innovation necessary to bring about a more diverse future, where we all see ourselves in Silicon Valley.



Alana Dunagan, Director Higher Education and Workforce Policy, WGU

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