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SXSW 2021

Creating Community for the Creative Community

The pandemic has dramatically impacted the events industry, with cancellations and financial losses abound. Independent writers and filmmakers from high schoolers to professionals relied on festivals like SXSW and in-person book campaigns for visibility into their hard work. When SXSW got canceled in March 2020, the 70+ short films created by independent filmmakers needed a home. Book festival cancellations followed and due to the stay-at-home orders, writers needed a place to share their work and perspectives. As a creative agency, we knew the opportunity to help other creatives and building a visually stunning and immersive experience befitting of their hard work was bigger than us. Thus began our partnership with Mailchimp to create new digital homes for these talented creatives.

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  1. In this session, Code and Theory and Mailchimp will discuss our philosophy of creating digital experiences from physical spaces
  2. What it takes to create uniquely digital, design-driven, and immersive experiences in a world where social isolation can occur at any instance
  3. Evaluating ways to embrace the new world’s changes and how magic can happen when agility, clear communication, and a shared sense of purpose converge



Kyle Loretan, PR & Marketing Manager, Code and Theory

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