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Developing Resilient Learners in Difficult Times

Effective academic readiness must address the whole person, not just get them through remedial courses—an ever-important approach as COVID-19 creates new barriers for underserved students. WGU Academy develops essential non-academic competencies: self-awareness and self-efficacy, belonging and growth mindset, as well as ownership and accountability. Having enrolled 10K+ students in its first 18 months, and plans to serve hundreds of thousands more, regardless of the institution they attend.

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  1. Demonstrate the power of noncognitive and psychological interventions with higher ed and HS students
  2. Reimage academic readiness outside the bounds of the traditional school remediation model
  3. Highlight scalable solutions at a cost that’s affordable to students, institutions, and employers



Matt Griffin, Senior Communications Business Partner, Western Governors University

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