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Beyond Debt: The Future of Paying for College

College = opportunity. But in the fine print, it's more complicated. America produces 2,000,000 bachelor's degrees each year—and 1,000,000 student loan defaults. It's not just *how much* we pay for college—the problem is also the way we pay for it. Our current system places two enormous burdens on students: 1) a complex, buyer-beware financial aid process 2) the risk that college doesn't pay off. Learn how WGU is addressing both of these burdens by reimagining how students pay for school.

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  1. Learn that affordability has three dimensions: 1) cost (which is talked about often) 2) complexity and 3) risk. We have to take on all three.
  2. Understand what can be done, even within the context of our existing financial aid system, to stem the student debt crisis.
  3. Understand how our financial aid system can be reimagined to address cost, complexity, and risk—and to meet the needs of lifelong learners.



Alana Dunagan, Director Higher Education and Workforce Policy, WGU

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