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How Career Navigation Tech Scales Social Capital

Social capital is critical to find and connect to your ideal career. Yet many career navigation platforms center certain backgrounds or experiences (such as full-time, on-campus college educations), creating unintentional barriers to entry. This talk will explore how career navigation Innovators to Watch bring social capital to scale today, and consider how future innovations could recognize, honor, and activate the resources embedded within diverse social networks outside of education and jobs.

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  1. Understand how innovative career navigation platforms are integrating social capital and social networks into their models today
  2. Consider other potential sources of network connections that career navigation technologies could leverage to spark connection to new pathways
  3. Explore opportunities for future innovation that builds on social capital and expands career mobility


  • Stephen Yadzinski, Acting General Manager, JFFLabs, JFF
  • Clare Bertrand, Director, Best Bet Services, JFF


Alex Swartsel, Deputy Director, Acceleration, JFF

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