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Is Voicetech the Solution for Continuous Learning?

Advances in voicetech for kids -- and the shift to remote learning -- have driven a growing number of edtech companies to integrate voicetech into educational apps -- particularly in the fields of early literacy and English language learning (ELL). As instruction and assessment have moved from the classroom to online platforms, how exactly does voicetech designed specifically for kids work, and how is it being leveraged to ensure continuity of learning between school and home?

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  1. Learn what voicetech is, and why it hasn’t historically worked for kids
  2. Hear about specific and high impact applications of voicetech in the classroom and at home, including for English language learning and literacy
  3. Understand the ways voicetech is uniquely suited to promote continuity of learning across a variety of learning environments


  • Patricia Scanlon, Founder & CEO, SoapBox Labs
  • Krista Curran, SVP & GM, Assessment and Intervention, Amplify
  • Toby Mather, Co-founder & CEO, Lingumi


Emily Kinard, Senior Associate, Whiteboard Advisors

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