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Evolving the App: Equity in College Admissions

Higher education can be an engine for equity and economic mobility. But new research shows that questions about school discipline or citizenship status on the college application can suppress college-going aspiration, and lock out the students who stand to gain the most. Join Jenny Rickard, CEO of Common App, and Eric Waldo, Executive Director of Michelle Obama’s nonprofit Reach Higher, to discuss what it will take to build a more just and equitable college admissions process.

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  1. Explore new data highlighting the inequities in the college admissions process, particularly for Black and Latinx students
  2. Learn about new efforts to evolve the application and create a more equitable admissions process
  3. Understand how equity issues at the K-12 level (e.g., school discipline) intersect with issues of higher education access and economic mobility



Elizabeth Boney, Senior Associate, Whiteboard Advisors

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