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SXSW 2021

The Medium and The Message: Revolution in Music

Music has always been an artistic outlet helping define and express cultural moments steeped in conflict, revolution and change. Singular in its ability to provide a united voice and feeling to a movement, music also bookmarks the current moment for our future selves to return to and reclaim its cultural context.
More than ever, what we listen to and how we listen to it are markers of economic and artistic revolution. With the increasing democratization of the music industry by way of distribution and streaming technology, artists are reclaiming creative control and the rights to their music from labels and agreements that left them sidelined. Our panel of artists and label executives shares how music can be revolutionary from its conception and production to its reception by the masses.

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  1. Learn how artists can mobilize their fans to take part in movements that are larger than themselves.
  2. Does the current climate in the music industry make room for artists that are speaking out against economic, social and racial discrimination?
  3. Understanding the role of artists during times of unrest or upheaval.



Shane Gill, Head of Music, BroadbandTV / Opposition

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