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The Hidden Influence of the Master Schedule

At the heart of every school is a single document that can serve either as the greatest impediment—or enabler—of educational equity: the Master Schedule. Master Schedules dictate how schools allocate not just time, but resources. They determine which students are taught by the most experienced teachers, and whether students can access the classes or interventions that they need. The schedule can unlock potential - but it can also trigger troubling, unintended consequences.

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  1. Learn how the Master Schedule can lead to “shadow tracking” and other systemic barriers to equity in our schools.
  2. Learn how Portland, Oregon took a data driven approach to addressing equity gaps by rethinking master scheduling.
  3. Learn how a data-driven approach to master scheduling can address common equity challenges such as access to rigorous, college ready courses.



Orian Sneor, Associate, Whiteboard Advisors

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