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SXSW 2021

Reimagining the Fan Experience Post-Pandemic

The pandemic had an immediate effect on sports worldwide and at every level. While traditional sports and broadcast slowly reemerge, they come with major changes - including empty stadiums and fake crowd recordings. With it, the fan experience will be altered, likely for months or even years to come. Professional sports face serious headwinds on how it will be consumed and delivered to the high expectations of consumers for entertainment experiences. How can leagues and networks replicate the same type of excitement and fan experience of live games to keep fans engaged? This session will hear from leaders across the sports industry as they discuss lessons learned during the pandemic, replicating the fan experience through digital and virtual platforms, and the key to keeping fans engaged.

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  1. What are some key lessons learned from the pandemic regarding the fan experience through digital and virtual platforms?
  2. What are the best engagement strategies that sports and entertainment brands must consider when building out robust virtual brand experiences?
  3. What does the future hold for the sports and entertainment industry? Will this shift to virtual and digital experiences be here to stay?



Hannah Blackington, Communications Manager, Braze

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