SXSW 2021

XR at a Crossroads: Maintaining Empathy


XR is finally achieving big sales numbers with the Quest 2. At the same time, Facebook has merged with its Oculus brand, moving further towards a social monopoly. XR is in a dangerous position to lose control of the content that is shared, the platforms that are supported, and the communities that so desperately need a voice. This panel highlights innovators who serve the community to create joy, empathy and inclusivity. Lucas Rizzotto (“Lucas Build the Future”, Where Thoughts Go) uses comedy and introspection to create empathy in XR, Ryan Groves (Infinite Album) uses AI to adapt artists’ music for long-form experiences, Christina Kinne (Tivoli VR) is CMO for an open-source metaverse, and Dan Franke is the co-founder of Studio Syro, a leading immersive Quill-based studio.

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  1. The creative potential of the different extended realities and how that can create moments of joy and interconnection.
  2. New paradigms for communicating and socializing with XR and AI interactions.
  3. The importance of diverse and neuro-diverse perspectives, and the impact XR experiences can have in that domain.



Ryan Groves, Founder & CEO, Infinite Album

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