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Advocating Empowered Aging For All


The fastest-growing age demographic is those 80 and older. As the U.S. population becomes older and more diverse, racial/ethnic health disparities and negative aging stereotypes derived in part from our ageist culture are contributing to a bona fide public health crisis. This is compounded by the digital and access divide for lower-income and BIPOC populations. Policy is lagging and policymakers must focus on promoting socioeconomic equity and health care access across groups. Emerging tech, personal empowerment, caregiving resources, and public policy initiatives must work together to empower ALL our nation’s elders, and their support systems, not just those who can afford it. Our four experts will illuminate the path forward.

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  1. Ageist stereotypes and poor public policy impact everyone, regardless of age or background. Learn a collaborative approach to make a change.
  2. Public policies and institutions have failed to address gaps in healthcare; this, along with access to resources must change for healthy aging for all
  3. We need to change how we view aging in our culture. This panel will help us recognize what’s needed to ignite that revolution and make it last.



Courtney Pulitzer, Manager Of Marketing & Communication, Aging Life Care Association

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