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COVID's Disruption to Education Journalism

COVID-19 has upended learning as we know it. And education headlines have followed suit. Immediately, the implications of the pandemic on education dominated headlines and coverage of education technology surged. Reporters have been challenged to take on entirely new issues and beats. Now, nearly a year in, let’s take stock of the state of education coverage -– What big issues in 2020 were pushed aside? What's driving the news today? What’s being overlooked in the midst of the crisis?

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  1. Develop an understanding of how the pandemic has impacted what gets covered (and doesn't) in education and why.
  2. Find inspiration for new story ideas and topics that deserve journalistic inquiry.
  3. Hear firsthand from editors and journalists about how the pandemic has changed their approach to storytelling.



Jenna Talbot, SVP, Whiteboard Advisors

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  • Tags: COVID-19, media literacy
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Talk
  • Track: Media & Public Engagement
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Field Experience
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