Performing Arts in the Time of COVID


COVID-19 introduced a number of challenges in teaching art education, and yet it's more important than ever to build community and offer students a safe place to express themselves. This session examines how educators can use the challenges COVID-19 presents as an opportunity to teach students problem-solving skills in real-time and how to creatively approach tasks. Attendees will challenge preconceptions and engage in unlearning to create meaningful experiences for students in the time of COVID

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  1. Participants will learn to create hybrid outdoor spaces that funnel sound into the classroom so woodwind and brass instruments can practice together.
  2. Learn how to re-imagining theater to give students a chance to experiment with virtual theater and create “sets” right in student’s homes.
  3. Educators will learn how to approach the challenges that COVID-19 presents to arts education as an opportunity to teach students to think creatively.



Lisa Trask, CMO Beaver Country Day School, Beaver Country Day School

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  • Tags: COVID-19, creativity
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Talk
  • Track: Work Reimagined
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