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SXSW 2021

How Disinformation Destroyed Democracy

Building on their successes in 2016, foreign and domestic actors ramped up disinformation and digital voter suppression for the 2020 election. All too often tech platforms took no meaningful action to stop disinformation. As the election grew closer, grassroots groups fought back. As well as successfully pressuring tech platform companies to act, grassroots organizing -- including disinformation monitoring and response projects -- proved a valuable complement to other efforts. Learning from what worked, and what didn’t, is key to continuing to ongoing successes.

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  1. Why disinformation and digital voter suppression are such a huge threat to democracy
  2. What techniques were successful in 2020 at responding to disinformation and digital voter suppression
  3. How we can build on what we learned in 2020 in ways that are transformative



Jonathan Pincus, CTO, The Nexus Today

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