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Will AI and Tech End Hiring Bias or Reinforce It?

High unemployment, along with a national reckoning on race, is forcing a conversation about the labor market's broad inequities. At the same time, jobtech technologies are disrupting the hiring process, helping employers look beyond proxies and screen for skills. What remains to be seen is whether technological shortcuts will support a more inclusive, equitable workforce—or unintentionally reinforce inequitable hiring practices. Join us for a discussion on the promise and peril of AI.

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  1. Discuss how to ethically and effectively use AI and other emerging technologies to promote more equitable hiring processes
  2. Identify how AI could unintentionally reinforce existing biases and what employers can do to prevent these unintended outcomes
  3. Learn how higher education institutions and employers can use technology to support skills-based hiring practices



Ben Heverly, Senior Associate, Whiteboard Advisors

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