Decolonizing Curriculum: Antiracist Education


Over the past few months the need for an equitable history curriculum representing all voices and cultures is alarmingly clear. This session aims to give educators tools to disrupt dominant narrative students have been exposed to in history classes and center the voices of those underrepresented in the curriculum. By prompting educators to create anti-racist lesson plans, this session explores ways to use practice-based teaching and expose our students to all of history - not just some of it.

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  1. Educators will gain the tools to “decolonize” their curriculum to allow all students to see themselves reflected in history.
  2. Participants will better understand the importance of disrupting the common narrative in the classroom that underrepresents marginalized groups.
  3. Attendees will leave armed with the proper resources, tools, and strategies to implement a more inclusive learning experience for all students.



Lisa Trask, CMO Beaver Country Day School, Beaver Country Day School

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