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Training Healthcare Workers During a Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, education providers stepped up to help employers prepare for the flood of testing -- and support frontline healthcare workers in their efforts to stop the spread. Now, as the health workforce continues to face unprecedented challenges, learn from the leaders who are working on the front lines to ensure that the country is able to respond to rapidly shifting demand and rapidly emerging challenges.

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  1. Trace the rapid evolution of healthcare workforce demand in the months since the COVID-19 outbreak, and its impact on education providers.
  2. Discuss new solutions that emerged in the wake of the pandemic to better prepare equip frontline workers and job-seekers with healthcare skills.
  3. Identify the challenges -- and opportunities -- that will face the healthcare workforce as the pandemic continues to impact the world.


  • Ryan Golden, Associate Editor, HR Dive
  • Jaime Nguyen, Director of Allied Health Programs, Penn Foster


Ben Watsky, Chief of Staff, Whiteboard Advisors

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