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Reach for the STARs: Unlocking Economic Mobility

Business leaders have spent the last six months grappling with both the economic impact of the pandemic and an ongoing reckoning with racial justice. As companies seek new strategies to expand economic opportunity, they should take note of new research that has identified 71 million workers who have the skills to succeed in higher-wage roles, but are locked out of opportunity because they lack college degrees. How can employers better support those who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes?

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  1. Explore and understand groundbreaking new research finding that 71 million American workers already have the skills to succeed in higher-wage roles.
  2. Discuss the systemic challenges preventing those who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes from entering more stable and resilient careers.
  3. Identify new ideas, approaches, and practices to create more economic mobility and opportunity for STARs.



Jenna Talbot, SVP, Whiteboard Advisors

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