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The Crop They Wont Share-Disrupting Legalization


Legal Cannabis Doesn't Care About Black People. 96% of 35,000 cannabis licenses across 33 autonomous states cavalierly awarded to an All-White cast is not an accusation, it’s a data point. Raced crime statistics informed a brand of legalization licensure that supports the myths of inherent Black criminality, the perception of Black lives being less invested in our families' and communities' well-being, as well as being undeserving of the opportunity of ownership.

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  1. Historically, when Black people were shut out of an industry we created parallel economies. Licensing was then weaponized to erect barriers to entry.
  2. Based on five universally applicable signs, cannabis licensing is ripe for disruption.
  3. A Visionary Activist, a Politician and two Multi-State Operators have come together to disrupt the racial injury of the Legal Licensing process.



Melek Dexter, Founder CEO, Let's ReUP Venture Partners

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