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Their Words: Finding Value in College During COVID

COVID-19 is disrupting much more than traditional lecture halls: 1 in 4 students may delay graduation, a similar number had jobs or internships cancelled, 2 in 3 feel their opportunities for career exploration are worse, and more than half feel faculty are less available for advice. Come hear firsthand accounts from two inspiring students about how they are moving forward and join us for a community discussion around what a learner-centric education system looks like today.

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  1. Understand the diverse experiences and aspirations of two students navigating higher education among other family and life responsibilities.
  2. Learn about what undergrads want from their college experience, and develop a vision for responding to & creating a more learner-centric system.
  3. Understand how postsecondary institutions can best support students college-to-career transition in a moment when our economy has been disrupted.



Jenna Talbot, SVP, Whiteboard Advisors

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