SXSW 2021

Your 10-Year Diversity Plan, Achieved in Two

When CHRO’s talk about improving equal opportunity and diversity in hiring, conventional wisdom is that it takes a decade to make significant changes. But with virtual work becoming the new normal, and the ability to replace retiring baby boomers with a younger, more diverse talent base, the opportunity in front of us now is extraordinary.
We’ve replaced career fairs and campus visits with online talent marketplaces and video interviews. This means the traditional hiring barriers are lower than ever, and we can reach a critical mass of candidates from underrepresented backgrounds faster than ever before.

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  1. How to model your metrics and better understand what can be achieved in a 1-3 horizon
  2. How to take advantage of online tools to increase the volume and quality of D&I candidates in less time as a result of virtual
  3. Best practices for communicating with the C-suite and with key hiring managers in the organization


  • Christine Cruzvergara, VP of Higher Education and Student Success, Handshake


Sophia Feleke, Account Manager, SourceCode Communications

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