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SXSW 2021

Autonomous Cars Are A Ways Off: That's Just Fine

This past year seems to have been a moment when the automotive industry may first have seen through the hype of Autonomous Vehicles being right around the corner. Even if Elon Musk still says they are. But that's fine--there's no need to be in a rush, and while the tech cooks we can take this time to figure out how we want this revolution to be, and how we can secure a place for human driving still. There's a small chance we can get this right, so may as well try.
Jason Torchinsky is the senior editor of Jalopnik, a cutting-edge website about cars, and has written for a wealth of other publications such as Boing Boing, Make, and Mother Jones. Torchinsky is a producer of Jay Leno’s Garage, which he’s guest starred on, and the star of his own show, Jason Drives.

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  • Jason Torchinsky, Senior Editor, Jalopnik


Jason Torchinsky, Senior Editor, Jalopnik

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