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SXSW 2021

Can COVID Data Help Us Achieve Health Equity?

Increasing evidence is coming to light of a relationship between COVID-19 and other health conditions, health disparities & social determinants of health that may bring a higher burden of illness or mortality. Understanding these factors is a vital step in the fight against the disease, but where to begin? Patient health data is stored in dissimilar registries and privacy laws prevent data sharing, which slows collaboration. Learn how the American Heart Association teamed up with data and blockchain experts to launch a challenge to researchers worldwide to investigate why certain demographics are at greater risk. We will explore how real-world data was integrated in collaborative research to bring clarity, efficiency, and results to the chaotic world of data science and healthcare equity.

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  1. Discover how researcher collaboration, big data, machine learning, and AI all came together to power the COVID-19 data challenge and yield results.
  2. Learn how unstructured data (like X-rays & MRIs) differs from binary data and demands new machine learning and AI techniques to accelerate insights.
  3. Understand how blockchain can enable secure healthcare data sharing and digital collaboration between clinicians and researchers.



Gail Davis, Account Manager, Scarlino Speaker Strategies

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