SXSW 2021

Introspection + Empathy: Building a Kinder Future


The global pandemic fractured our sense of community and the way that we look at togetherness. No longer a daily part of life or a pleasure, the very concept of human interaction became something to fear. In taking that critical step back from the collective, humanity was able to hear the voice inside our heads all the more clearly. And while often anxiety producing, the ability to harness that voice to introspect effectively and empathize is essential to helping us rebuild a stronger sense of togetherness. World-renowned experts, Professors Ethan Kross, Jamil Zaki and Laurie Santos will discuss why introspection and empathy are pivotal as we look ahead towards our new reconnected normal, and explain why taming the chatter inside us is critical to our collective success.

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  1. Introspection and empathy will be critical as we pave the way forward.
  2. While our inner voice can cause anxiety, as humans we also have the ability to harness it to improve our lives and society.
  3. By taming our inner voice we become more empathetic and can build a stronger community.



Lauren Curry, Associate, Elle Communications

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