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Detroit Speaks: Reclaiming the Right to Literacy

In 2018, Detroit students sued the state of Michigan for depriving children of their right to literacy, citing underfunded and underperforming schools. Just a year later, Detroit students’ ELA scores showed the greatest single-year improvement on state tests (M-STEP) in the history of the exam! What changed? Hear from a Detroit student, teacher, and leader about the powerful new literacy curriculum, professional learning, and vision that are transforming Detroit schools into engines for equity.

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  1. Understand how Detroit Public Schools Community District is leveraging rigorous curriculum and professional learning to transform student achievement.
  2. Understand how Detroit students are experiencing rigorous content-based literacy and curriculum with embedded social emotional learning.
  3. Understand how Detroit educators are envisioning and experiencing new research-based curriculum and professional learning.



Jessica Wood, Manager, Experiential Marketing, EL Education

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