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The STEM Future Is Female 2.0 Leading & Empowering

Today’s students are the Artemis generation and they will take space exploration farther than we've ever gone before. The Artemis program will send the first woman and next man to the Moon and build a sustainable presence to prepare for missions to Mars and beyond. Women leaders from NASA will discuss how the agency's broad STEM outreach opportunities can be tailored to support girls in STEM to become the future women leading the way in STEM discoveries, policies, and careers.

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  1. Audience will learn about new and current initiatives NASA's Office of STEM Engagement to engage students in NASA's mission
  2. Audience will learn about NASA's newest mission, Artemis mission, to land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2021.
  3. Audience will learn about women leaders in NASA and the remarkable contributions they make to ensure mission success.



Katherine Brown, Media Relations, NASA

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