SXSW 2021

Connected Future: The Creative Possibilities of 5G


In the new, connected world the potential possibilities of 5G extend far beyond that of sharing data over mobile devices.

In an exploration of the power of 5G connectivity - Creative Technologist, Inventor and Futurist Noel Drew has developed several use cases pairing his love for Robotics, art and new technologies to break the boundaries of what is possible over a 5G Network.

Watch as Noel (creator of the world’s first real-time tattooing robot) uses connected Robotics to create live art, remotely fueled by 5G technology, and explores the powers and pitfalls of blending human creativity with connected mechanics.

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  1. Exploration of the power of 5G and its uses beyond that of mobile
  2. Man vs Machine - the powers and pitfalls of robots replacing humans
  3. The DOs and DON'Ts of building your own 5G-powered Robot


  • Noel Drew, Experience Director, The Mill


Solomon Thomson, Marketing & Client Engagement Manager, The Mill

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