SXSW 2021

Streaming and Discovering Indie Music in 2021


Music streaming services have transformed the music landscape, driving dramatic changes in listening, distribution, and discovery, introducing consumers to music by artists that they never would have found before, and who were often ignored by analog era music distribution platforms.

This panel will examine the relationship between the streaming services that millions of fans use to listen to music and the indie musicians who have tapped into these innovations to connect in never before possible ways, weaving together data and real-world experience. Panelists will share both a macro view and personal insights about what it means to democratize the music industry.

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  1. What streaming means for indie artists and labels in a rapidly evolving music distribution system
  2. How streaming services and indie artists contribute to driving music discovery and providing a voice to those beyond music’s superstars
  3. Advances in music discovery in ways that were impossible with distribution systems of the past



Sally Rose Larson, Vice President, Government Relations, Digital Media Association (Dima)

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