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SXSW 2021

A Survival Guide to Alternative Film Distribution

Digital distribution continues to evolve with over 100 digital and streaming platforms offering movies and television series, catering to audiences eager to escape lockdown madness. At a time when theatre availability is uncertain and digital models are key, distributors and filmmakers are working out different ways to effectively release films of all genres and budgets. This panel will explore the platforms now available, how the business models work, and what types of films work in these distribution structures. Emerging trends will be discussed including AVOD, film libraries, education/public library streaming, and MOD (manufacture on demand DVD). On the more traditional side, we will explore how distributors are monetizing their content and adapting to new processes.

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  1. The different ways distributors and filmmakers are releasing films of all genres and budgets.
  2. How the business models work, and what types of films work in each of the alternative distribution structures.
  3. The emerging trends that have cropped up due to these new digital/ hybrid releasing strategies.



Tiffany Pritchard, Journalist/ Marketing Consultant, Collectiff/ Free-lance

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