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Supporting All Children During the Perfect Storm

The challenges students face that are exacerbated by trauma don’t go away when returning to school. As we navigate the pandemic’s repercussion, it’s never been more important that we create a holistic framework for addressing the needs of educators, students and families. One that disrupts the status quo and fully infuses SEL and growth into the systemic structure of how we facilitate education. Key SEL practices will be reviewed along with strategies for integrating family units.

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  1. Gain insight into key emerging SEL research trends to help create a human-centered design thinking both inside and outside the classroom
  2. Learn 7-10 tangible, actionable, widely applicable SEL teaching strategies that they can bring back to the classroom and implement at home
  3. Learn how to integrate parents and families into the learning experience, creating a positive and safe learning ecosystem



Ana-Le Cairns, Director, Brand Engagement, McGraw-Hill Education

Meta Information:

  • Tags: mental health, SEL
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Converse
  • Track: Community
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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