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SXSW 2021

Saving Society from Deepfakes: A Practical Policy Agenda for Today

Deepfakes are well established in America’s cultural conscious. In fact, two deepfakes were recently created in relation to the 2020 elections. The challenge now is not to raise awareness, but to propose and develop effective solutions. This session would focus on different legal, political, and policy-based solutions to deepfakes. It will discuss First Amendment issues related to deepfakes and detail the policy space legislators have to address synthetic media. It will also lay out the legal remedies available to individuals affected by deepfakes. This session will take participants to the frontier of deepfakes—now that they’re here, what do we do about it?

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  1. This session will define effective solutions to protect individuals, organizations and society from the malicious use of synthetic media.
  2. This session will debate the legal remedies and gaps facing those impacted by deepfakes.
  3. The session will outline public policy proposals available (and missing) to Congress and state legislators to address deepfakes.



Kathryn Harrison, CEO, Deeptrust Alliance

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