SXSW 2021

Don't Just Make it Work, Make it Better for Womxn


Make do and mend: that’s the philosophy that most designers grew up with before realizing that they didn't actually have to settle for the status quo. Products designed for women’s wellness, such as the speculum, have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The lack of female oversight and innovation with these products has gone far too long. What happens when we optimize instead of making do?
Industry trailblazers are reimagining women’s products, bringing industrial design and lived experience to entrepreneurship, successfully reframing experiences all-too-often designed without regard for the user’s comfort. Products designed and made by women keep the female body in mind, giving women not only a seat at the table, but the opportunity to create lasting industry change.

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Nancy Castelan, Jr Account Manager, Rebellious PR and Consulting

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