SXSW 2021

The Urgency For an Equitable Cannabis Industry


As legal cannabis continues to mature and become integral to mainstream society, business leaders are ramping up measures that address the pressing need to create an inclusive and socially equitable industry. Nationwide protests against systemic racism this year have prompted cannabis businesses to implement tangible corporate policies and standards that aim to rectify the damage inflicted by the War on Drugs. This panel examines how cannabis businesses are working on local and national levels to cultivate a more diverse workforce and create vital opportunities for individuals who have been incarcerated for cannabis-related charges. Panelists will delve into corporate and regulatory initiatives that are imperative to creating a truly fair and established cannabis industry.

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  1. Examine how creating a diverse and socially equitable cannabis industry aligns with national conversions around social justice and systemic racism.
  2. Understand the largest regulatory and financial hurdles to driving social equity within and outside of the cannabis industry.
  3. Understand key performance indicators cannabis businesses and nonprofits are using to monitor progress on social equity initiatives.


  • Khadijah Tribble, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility, Curaleaf
  • Meredith Mahoney, President, Lantern
  • Nicole Cosby, Chief Data and Compliance Officer, Fyllo
  • Tahir Johnson, Business Development & Diversity Equity and Inclusion Manager, NCIA


Chelsea Wei, Senior Content Manager, Mattio Communications

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