SXSW 2021

Injecting Artists into High-Tech Startups


Artists can provide enormous value to high-tech enterprises to provoke creativity; break boundaries; solve puzzles; evoke emotion and generate empathy. It is the pathway for startups "connecting" with in an era of "disconnection.

Few organizations have successfully implemented a formula for injecting artists into high tech. We’ll discuss the secret sauce and value add that comes from marrying artists with tech! Our panelists, including CODAME and the Center for Advancing Innovation, engage artists and high tech through their respective initiatives. In partnership with the Walton Family Foundation, the Center for Advancing Innovation is leading the first initiative to systematically unite artists with both IP and high tech startups.

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  1. Role of art in high tech startups - moving us beyond our limitations, inspiring new innovation levels & forging new social and neurological connection
  2. Case studies that illustrate how artists drive higher performance and better connectivity with stakeholders, including investors, customers etc.
  3. Best practices of uniting artists and high tech startups to get the most productive results for the employees and the enterprise



Rosemarie Truman, Founder and CEO, The Center for Advancing Innovation

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